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I regret to inform you that I have made a decision today not to continue my Abrams kits comparison article. I have not added anything to it in well over a year now, so it's time to finally admit that it will never happen... I started it a couple of years ago with a lot of enthusiasm, but it quickly evaporated when I realized the enormity of the task. Preparing parts, taking photos, processing them, adding my comments, editing the article... It was simply not fun for me anymore at all, and this is supposed to be a hobby after all - if it is not fun, what's the point of doing it?... Also a couple of new Abrams kits have arrived in the meantime, the improved RFM ones in particular, that would have to be included in my article to make it complete - and that would mean rewriting the part of the article that seemed to be finished already... Nope, not going to happen. Sorry folks...

So just to give some general summary:

- Tamiya Tusk kit: only good if someone needs a quick and simple build. Accuracy and detailing is far behind any other kit.

- Dragon AIM/SEP kits - still good accuracy and details, but fiddly to build and fit is not great, particularly now that molds deteriorated somewhat. Also comparison with newer kits revealed a few minor accuracy issues.

- original RFM M1A2 SEP kit - odd mixture of Tamiya and Dragon "inspired" design solutions and features with some original (good and bad) RFM ideas mixed in. Unfortunately many inaccurate features were transferred from the Tamiya kit... Not recommended considering other available choices.

- later RFM M1A1/A2 (1991 and w/Interior) kits - much better than the original release, as many errors have been corrected (with a little help of your truly :) ). Still some minor issues here and there, but pretty solid releases now.

- Meng kits - very good overall. There are some small things I don't like much (an think others did the better), but nothing really important.

- Academy kit - very good as well. Small issue with the suspension geometry and a couple of other minor things, but not a deal breaker.

Each kit has some flaws and some advantages, but each: Meng, Academy, newer RFM and old DML kits, can be build into a respectable replica with little effort.

New model added to the gallery (2016.07.20)

- Centurion Mk 5/1 RAAC

New model added to the gallery (2016.04.17)

- CCKW 352 with M2A1 howitzer

New model added to the gallery (2016.04.04)

- M103A1 Heavy Tank

New model added to the gallery (2016.04.04)

- M109A6 Paladin