Photo-etched parts set

Tamiya  35277

    Shortly after the release of their Challenger 2 kit (review available here) Tamiya released a small photo-etched parts set for it. There are just eight parts in the set and all are mesh screens for various intake grilles on engine deck. Actually there is also a ninth part included, which is a nice small plaque with Union Jack and the tank name on it - perfect for diorama or model stand side.

    Parts fit perfectly to Tamiya upper hull, so applied with small amount of thin super glue should really improve the look of the model. All meshes have accurate honeycomb pattern.

    Some other parts in Challenger 2 kit would also benefit from some additional photo-etched details, but Tamiya usually gives us just the most essential parts in their PE sets. We will need to wait for Voyager or Eduard to come up with full PE details set for his model. But it is certain that those sets will be a few times more expensive than this small Tamiya set, so it is still very recommended for those who are not interested in superdetailing their model, but just want to improve slightly it's appearance!

Review set was purchased and received from Japan at light speed thanks to excellent service of RAINBOW TEN online store.


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